After exerting all your efforts in designing your dream kitchen, one of the last things that you’ll be thinking about are the kitchen appliances. However, the location of these appliances and how they are incorporated into the kitchen can make a significant difference in how your kitchen functions. Whether you wish to incorporate your appliances such as the microwave into your kitchen design or find the perfect location for your cutlery, taking the time to think about where these items will be placed before heading straight into the design, can make your kitchen not only look good but function well. So, to make your kitchen a stress-free place here is everything you need to know about how to arrange your kitchen appliances.

How To Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances

There are many things that you will need to think about when it comes to appliances, from how often they are used to where they’re going to fit in your kitchen. For example, having your cups located above the counter at the opposite end of the kitchen to the kettle can make brewing a cup of tea a task. For this reason, it is important to think about where you are going to place your appliances when thinking about your kitchen design. This is because storage and built-in elements can be incorporated into the design to make your cooking experience as stress-free as possible. So, whether you have just had your bespoke kitchen in Milton Keynes fitted by our team, or would like to think about the many ways you can design your new kitchen, then why not consider these tips when it comes to appliances:

Kitchen Appliances

Group Your Appliances By Use

To make cooking after a long day of work an easy and simple task, it is best to group your appliances in terms of how you use them and how often you use them. For example, you should always have cutlery in an easily accessible place, whereas other appliances such as serving bowls can be kept lower down and tucked away. There are two main things that you will need to think about when it comes to grouping your appliances; how often do I use this appliance, and are there other products that I often use along with these appliances? Achieving the most functional kitchen space requires you to create zones. These zones are usually as follows:

  • Food storage
  • Food preparation
  • Pots and pans
  • Cleaning products and waste
  • Cutlery and china

By dividing the kitchen into zones, it not only informs you of where to place the appliances but it also helps you in the designing process to ensure that you have the correct storage for your larger items and smaller items. If possible, it is best to try and keep your food storage located away from any heat sources such as the oven, as it can cause the food to go off. Instead, try placing oils and dried ingredients such as herbs near the cooking area, as it will allow you to easily access them when whipping up your favourite meals. For your pots and pans, always try having these in a location where you will be preparing your food. Not only this but to ensure that your kitchen remains as safe as possible, we would always advise having this section located under the work surface rather than above to avoid falling objects; this section will also need to have a large storage area.

For maximum functionality, you would usually place your cutlery, food preparation such as sharp knives and food packaging such as tin foil all located in the same place as a row of drawers. Lastly, your cleaning products and integrated bins are usually found under the sink, as it avoids taking up valuable space, and you will find that pipework will get in the way of storing other, larger objects in this locations. You can find some tips and tricks about creating organised zones in your kitchen by taking a look at Polished Habitat’s blog.

Appliance Drawer

Hide Away Hardly-Used Appliances

The biggest culprit for causing clutter in your kitchen are appliances that you hardly use yet take up a lot of space on your work surface. For example, appliances such as toastie makers, blenders and slow cookers, while they are used every now and then, they are not an essential appliance that gets used every day. These kinds of appliances will be taking up a considerable amount of room on your work surface, so is best placed out of sight. This is where planning your kitchen in terms of the types of appliances you have will be beneficial, as you can create the perfect storage space for hardly-used products.

We would highly recommend creating a space for these appliances within a deep storage system much like your pots and pans, as it will allow you to store a range of sized products such as your slow cooker. This also allows you to easily and safely access your appliances, which is of the utmost importance when it comes to kitchen functionality.

Create Easy Access For Regularly Used Appliances

Much like you would hide away appliances that you do not regularly use, you should also think about where you are going to place appliances that you use on a day to day basis. This can even include things like your microwave and kettle, which are usually placed on your worktop. However, if you have limited space on your worktop, then you could think about integrating a built-in microwave that is placed above the worktop to provide you with more room. Your kettle, on the other hand, should be placed near your cups as well as coffee and tea bags for easy access. This can easily be done with our team, as we not only design your kitchen, but we work with reputable kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes that can move power sockets to create a functional kitchen space depending on where you wish your appliances to be located.

Other aspects of your kitchen such as your cutlery should also be placed at waist level, as having this draw too high or low can make cooking and eating difficult. To make this section of your kitchen units organised, why not incorporate a drawer divider? This will allow you to keep your cutlery in place for easy access.

Cutlery Drawer

Cut Back On Clutter

When you have a kitchen full of unused appliances, it can become extremely stressful when trying to find everything you need to make dinner. This clutter can either be on the worktops or even within your kitchen units, but no matter whether it is out of sight or in plain view, it can leave you feeling stressed the minute you walk in. To create a decluttered kitchen, all you will need to do is go through all your appliances and throw away any that either no longer work or you haven’t used in years. If you’re not too sure about what items you should declutter from your kitchen, then take a look at Clean & Scentsible’s handy guide.

Another solution to this problem is creating a kitchen design in Milton Keynes with our specialist team. By creating a bespoke kitchen, it means that you can incorporate a range of storage solutions to help you find space for all of your items. You are also able to integrate organisers to help you keep all of your appliances in place. Take a look at our full range of products and contact our team to start to design your eclectic, traditional or modern kitchen in Milton Keynes.

Use Smart Storage Solutions

We have talked about smart storage solutions previously, and that’s because you would be surprised at just how much thinking about your storage can have an impact on the functionality of your kitchen. When designing your kitchen with the team, you can find a whole range of storage solutions such as carousel units to help you use up all the space in your kitchen, or incorporate a stunning kitchen island. Your design choices are limitless, and you can create the perfect kitchen in terms of style and functionality by working with the team to incorporate a range of hidden smart storage.

Please feel free to speak with our team about how to create your dream kitchen with a wide selection of designs, solutions and products we have to offer. In the meantime, if you wish to piece together a few ideas before speaking with our team, then why not take a look at the Good Housekeeping’s blog?

Smart Kitchen Storage

Designing A Functional Kitchen

The design of your kitchen will impact how it functions, and the units and storage solutions that you choose will affect where your appliances can fit. This is why it is essential that you think about your appliances when designing your new kitchen with our team. You can choose from a range of storage solutions for larger and smaller items, as well as organisers and built-in elements. Build My Kitchen has years of experience in providing clients with a bespoke kitchen that has been tailored to their needs and requirements, and have the expertise to help you create a kitchen with the perfect appliances to match your style. If you are looking to create a kitchen that functions well and looks stunning, then please feel free to contact our team who are more than happy to run you through the range of options available.