Changing the colour of your kitchen is not only a big investment but also a daunting one! Going from an all-white kitchen to a splash of vibrancy through the finishing touches sounds like a drastic change, but trust us when we say it is well worth it. There are many colour schemes that can transform your kitchen from a boring and lifeless place into a socialising hub and a statement piece. You can do this by combining colours together to create shades and sections, or you can go all out and completely rejuvenate your space. As specialists in bespoke kitchens in Milton Keynes, we have our fair share of tricks and expertise to create the perfect kitchen design for you and the family, and to lend you a helping hand, we have come up with eight of our favourite kitchen colour schemes of 2020.

Our Top 8 Kitchen Colour Schemes 2020

The kitchen, while often the most used room in the house, tends to be the most neglected in terms of design. Functionality always comes before style when designing a space to fit all of your bits and bobs to make cooking easy. However, just because you need some smart storage solutions incorporate into your design, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style!

Simply through adding a dash of colour and creating the perfect colour scheme for the room, you can completely transform the space into a haven for socialising. Whether you prefer a more traditional look or love the up and coming modern and contemporary styles, there are an array of colour palettes that can help you to create the look that you are after. Some of our favourites from 2020 include the following:

Modern Kitchen

Kitchen FeaturedStanhope

Mixed Wood Finishes

Many of our clients now opt for sleek and glossy finishes, offering a contemporary look that is stunning when paired with pretty much any kitchen appliance. However, 2020 has seen the return of natural finishes such as wood enter the kitchen, and unlike outdated looking kitchens, the new wood trend uses soft colours such as greys for a chic finish. To give this a more contemporary feel, the wood is paired with glossy cabinets and no handles, offering you a seamless finish that looks striking yet subtle. We would recommend designing this look with lighter colours to create a beautiful transition between the wooden and glossy textures on the cabinets.

However, if you wish to create a more traditional look in the kitchen, then using different shades of wood with a traditional design can add a modern touch to the kitchen while remaining vintage. An easy way to achieve this is by installing a darker colour wood and then pairing it with brass or copper handles. You can complete this with stunning wooden stools, table and chairs to create varying textures of wood.

wooden finish kitchen

Kitchen FeaturedAlpina

Grey Shades With Silver or Black Finishes

2020 has seen the rise in shaded kitchens using various colours, but our favourite is the use of grey with a touch of silver to finish off the look. The great thing about grey tones is that you can choose to go light or dark in your colour scheme depending on the look you are aiming to create. You can also decide to make parts of the kitchen darker than others to make each section stand out. However, it is important to note that the shades that you use may be impacted by the size of the kitchen and its location. For example, a small kitchen, or one that is located in a darker area of the home, are best suited to lighter shades of grey. On the other hand, a large kitchen can afford to have darker shades of grey.

If you decided to have different shades of grey in the kitchen, then we would advise creating a gradient from the worktop down. This is where you design the kitchen with a lighter grey worksurface and then a darker shade on the cabinets and an even darker shade on the flooring. This helps each section to stand out, and stops the eyes being drawn to one specific section, allowing the whole kitchen to become your masterpiece. This can also be created with various other colours, and we highly recommend taking a look at Coolors for some ideas on colour gradients to add to your kitchen.

grey kitchens

Kitchen FeaturedPorter

A Sea Of Green

A trend that has taken over the fashion industry, as well as interior design, is dark forest green. This looks stunning in a kitchen setting, especially when paired with glass cabinets and gold handles. The dark green looks most beautiful on modern and eclectic kitchen designs, offering you a quirky look with a touch of class and sophistication. For example, when using this colour scheme in an eclectic kitchen, you can pair it with black and white tiling on the floor or splashback for a mesmerising look. Alternatively, in a modern kitchen, this looks stunning with cream work surfaces, ensuring that the dark green colour stands out.

Most kitchens that use the dark colour, tend to opt for a matte finish to stop it looking over the top, and instead, pair it with gold trimmings that beautifully stand out against the dark cabinets. This can also be incorporated into the taps to offer a more coherent look through the design. If you are looking for more inspiration, and want to know how different shades of green can transform your kitchen from traditional into modern, then you definitely want to take a look at Elle Decor!

Green Kitchen

Kitchen FeaturedFitzroy

Cream with Golden Finishes

Cream kitchens have been a staple design for many years, and it is no surprise considering that they can create a calm and tranquil space while making the room feel bigger. However, instead of opting for a plain white or cream kitchen, why not consider pairing it with some chic finishing touches? Gold has hit the interior design scene by storm, and we love how a simple touch of gold in the kitchen can have such a dramatic impact on the whole look and feel of the design.

By having a cream kitchen, you can enjoy the relaxing ambience it can have, and the spacious feeling it can create in a small kitchen, while also benefiting from luxury additions. The gold handles on a cream cabinet stand out beautifully to create an eye-catching feature. It is important to note that you should aim to make this a coherent feature in your kitchen, such as having a gold tap. Another feature that we love in this colour scheme has a glass cabinet that features gold wine glasses inside; this helps to bring the kitchen together for a stunning finish.

cream gold kitchen scheme

Kitchen FeaturedHunton

White & Marble

Speaking of creams, white is another classic kitchen colour scheme that many of our client’s love, especially when creating a contemporary look. White cabinets with a glossy finish are ideal for creating a chic and elegant look, and goes perfectly when pairing with a handless design. Alternatively, if you would like to add a touch of modern to the design, then incorporating a marble work surface not only stands out, but can look stunning as a statement piece. When using white, you can choose to have a work surface of any colour, so if you prefer to have a darker colour work surface, then a black/grey marble will look beautiful.

However, for those that want to maintain a subtle kitchen design while also having a dramatic impact, then incorporating a white kitchen with a white and grey marble or even a white and pink marble work surface, will look simply breathtaking. Again, much like the cream colour scheme discussed previously, gold handles and finishing touches will look stunning against the white and marble finish of your design. If you would like to go all out with the marble look, then you can find a range of stunning marble kitchen designs for inspiration over on Houzz.

marble kitchen scheme

Worktop FeaturedCRL Quarts

Subtle vs Vibrant

If you are looking to have a dramatic effect in the kitchen, then you can’t get more in your face then pairing a subtle design with a vibrant colour. This is ideal for those that want to add some colour into a light kitchen or want to add a splash of character into a contemporary design. You can choose to either have the whole kitchen vibrant in colour or incorporate touches of vibrancy through other features such as the splashback or even handles.

In our opinion, the most effective way to do this is by having a white or light grey kitchen and pairing it with a red splashback. This allows you to take advantage of the benefits of a white kitchen, while also making it your own and incorporating a fun and eye-catching element into the design. The great thing about a bespoke kitchen is that you are able to pick colours that best suit you, ensuring the kitchen matches the rest of your interior and creates a design that has an impact. With our teams’ years of experience in providing clients with a bespoke kitchen design in Milton Keynes, our team can create a kitchen that incorporates colours of your choosing as well as a style that suits your preferences.

contrast colour kitchen

Kitchen FeaturedSlab

Blue Hue

A colour scheme that not all homeowners will think about are shades of blue. While this is not among the most popular, it has seen a rise in interest throughout this year. There are two shades of blue that are most used in kitchen designs, the first being a dark navy, and the second being an extremely pale pastel blue. The darker blue looks stunning in traditional style kitchens, while the lighter blue looks beautiful against a modern style, such as using the white and marble design but swapping the white for light blue.

The darker blue creates a relaxing ambience, while the lighter blue creates a fresh and bright appearance. Both of these colour schemes look great with silver finishes, and our range of handles can help to enhance the style that you have chosen, with the 1909 D Handle helping to create a traditional look or a Bar Handle for a modern look. House Beautiful has some advice on how to make a bold statement with a blue in your kitchen, so it is well worth a read!

blue kitchen

Kitchen FeaturedHunton

Matte Black

The idea of an all-black kitchen can be daunting to many, but it can offer a sophisticated look with a modern touch, especially when you incorporate the much-loved black matte style. When using this style, it is always important to think about lighting, as this will help you to make the room light up rather than feel dark and gloomy. You can achieve this in a number of ways, from stunning ceiling lighting to inner unit lights!

Matte black also looks stunning when incorporating a touch of glamour through gold or silver finishes. It can also stand out when accompanied by the vibrant colours of a splashback or even on the flooring. Again, you can create an eclectic look through the tiles that you use and the additional finishing touches. We love the idea of having a bright red splashback, white flooring and black units for an eclectic look, or a matte black kitchen with touches of glossy white to beautifully complement each other in a contemporary setting.

black kitchen

Kitchen FeaturedMornington Shaker & Beaded

What Colour Will Your Kitchen Be?

It takes a lot of time and consideration before deciding upon a colour scheme for your kitchen, so it is important not to jump into it and take a look at your array of options. The colour of your kitchen can have a dramatic effect on the way that it looks, making it a vital part of your decision. If you are unsure about your options and would like some visual inspiration, then please feel free to come and speak to the team in our kitchen showroom in Milton Keynes. In our showroom you can find a range of beautiful kitchen designs, styles and accessories to help you create the perfect bespoke kitchen design!