The kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home, the hotspot for socialising with friends and spending time with the family after a long day. However, for many, renovating the appearance of the kitchen is often the last to-do on the renovations list, which means that it becomes brimming with years worth of accumulated clutter. If you are nodding your head in agreement, then you have come to the right place. We have put together a whole host of clever kitchen storage ideas which will transform your space while keeping you organised!

Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas To Organise Your Space

While aesthetics will always play a vital role in any room design, when it comes to the kitchen, functionality and practicality are key. Your kitchen must not only look great but also be filled with all of the essentials needed to allow you to prepare food and cook with ease, meaning that there will never be such thing as too much storage. Luckily, having specialised in bespoke kitchens in Milton Keynes for many years, transforming spaces from chaotic to organised has become second nature. So, if you’re looking for ways to stay productive and clear out your kitchen ready for renovation, then why not take advantage of our smart storage ideas:

pull out draws

Kitchen Shelf Ideas

A tidy, organised kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that everything must be tucked away behind closed doors. Considering some kitchen shelf ideas can help to expand your storage options while maintaining aesthetics. Shelves make a wonderful addition to any design, particularly those that are designed with a floating concept. Floating shelves are shelving units that do not have any brackets or wall fixing on show, allowing them to achieve a seamless, modern finish. They are just as robust, stable and reliable as their alternatives with visible supports, meaning that there will be no restrictions on what can be placed on top.

The beauty of opting for shelving in your kitchen is that it can be placed anywhere that you wish. One of the most common locations is either beside the window as these are areas that are typically clear, allowing you to continue to enjoy a minimalist style kitchen without compromising on storage. You can find a vast range of floating shelves in various colours and sizes online, such as those on B&Q.

Cups on Shelf

Kitchen Cupboard Storage Ideas

As the cupboard is going to be the most used space within your kitchen for storage, it is important to make sure that not only do you have enough space and storage facilities, but also well-organised storage. A cluttered cupboard can be stressful, but with a selection of interior storage, you can easily create sections that make it easier to find things you need. By incorporating a range of kitchen cupboard storage ideas into your design, you will also find that there is more room to fit your utensils, food and containers.

Whether you have a big or small kitchen, there are tones of storage ideas that you take into consideration, and you can easily tailor your kitchen to the type of objects and equipment you have. For example, carousel interior storage ensures that you can see every inch of your cupboard no matter how awkward the corner, and simply pull out the carousel to access items at the back of the cupboard. There are plenty more cupboard storage ideas that you can incorporate into your kitchen when working with the Build My Kitchen team to design your new kitchen. You can choose from a host of features by leading brands such as Kessbohmer and Blum. Below you can find a range of storage solutions available here at Build My Kitchen:

Pantry Ideas

Although most new build homes are not designed with a pantry, there is no reason why you cannot take advantage of this excellent idea by incorporating a hidden version into your kitchen installation!

When determining the perfect spot for your hidden pantry, consider any areas of the kitchen which would otherwise be unused or wasted. This could be gaps between any cupboards underneath the worktop, empty floor to ceiling spaces on the walls or inside your island. Once you have found a pantry area, it is time to begin building your storage solution. Keep in mind that the ingredients inside need to be easily accessible, so if your pantry location is under worktops, then a pull-out organiser would be best. However, if the storage is floor to ceiling, it will need to be designed with a cupboard-style door.

Another factor to consider is what items you plan to store in your pantry, as this will help to determine the height and number of shelves. For those hoping to organise spices, smaller compartments will be necessary whereas, for larger items such as bottles, you will need to leave plenty of space between shelves. Take a look at some of our pantry ideas below, all of which are available when designing with the Build My Kitchen team:

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

When it comes to small kitchen storage ideas, you want to first consider every single space within your kitchen, no matter how big or small. As your kitchen is designed and installed bespoke to you, it means that you can utilise here single small crevice within your kitchen. For example, if you have a wall that sticks out, which means you can not extend the cabinets, then our suggestion is to create shallow cupboards that may not go as far back, as you can incorporate shelving that allows you to store smaller items such as spices, herbs, salt and pepper.

Other features such as stackable clear boxes can also help you to store more of your items inside the cupboards while still ensuring that you can see every item clearly. The pantry idea discussed above is also another fantastic way to use empty space to your advantage. Whether you have some ideas in mind or would like to find out more about how we can tailor your small kitchen storage to our requirements while maintaining aesthetics, please feel free to contact our team.

Concealed Appliances

If you are planning a kitchen refit, then an excellent way to keep your space looking tidy without having to compromise on storage space is to conceal appliances. This involves integrating kitchen essentials, whether this may be the microwave, kettle, or coffee maker, into the design of the unit, allowing everything to be hidden away. Opting for this route is hugely popular amongst those who would like to adopt a contemporary kitchen style with a simplistic, minimalist appearance.

There are many different ways that you can conceal appliances, the most common being to place the dishwasher, washing machine and fridge behind doors so that they appear to be standard kitchen cupboards. You could also consider incorporating floor to ceiling sliding doors into your kitchen design, which will open to reveal the microwave and fan oven. We would recommend leaving hobs unconcealed to allow ease of use, as well as to prevent any health and safety hazards. For more ideas on ways that you can hide appliances in the kitchen, take a look at Of Design.

Island Interior Storage

Through our many years of specialising in kitchen design in Milton Keynes, we have seen the dramatic growth in the number of clients who base their design on incorporating an island. This is an addition that will take a considerable amount of consideration as you will need to accommodate space for a 4 feet long and 2 feet deep island as a minimum. However, if you are lucky enough to have a larger kitchen, then an island will prove a hugely beneficial feature. Not only will an island give you plenty of extra workspaces to prepare and enjoy food, but they also offer interior storage which can be accessed from all sides.

When designing your island, it is entirely your choice what storage you choose to incorporate, and your decision will be based on whether you have an open or enclosed island. An enclosed island will always be far easier to add storage to as shelving can be tucked away inside doors to prevent the space from appearing cluttered. If you wanted an area to showcase decorative dinnerware, ornament or plants, for example, one side of your island could feature shelves. Better Homes & Garden has put together a great article with more kitchen storage ideas and tips!

Draw Organisers

Everyone has that one “just about everything” drawer in their kitchen filled with random items dating back years and no real idea of what should be placed inside. With this in mind, if you are guilty of having little structure in terms of what should and shouldn’t be stored away in each drawer, then you would most definitely benefit from investing in drawer organisers. These are super handy inserts that slot perfectly into your drawers and feature several different compartments. While the most common organiser type is those designed for cutlery, you are now able to find alternatives for ingredients, dinnerware and much more. They are also available in a host of materials such as wood and stainless steel, allowing them to blend seamlessly into your kitchen design.

Pull Out Chopping Board

Chopping boards are an essential in every kitchen, but can often dampen the aesthetics of your space. An easy way that you can enjoy the convenience of preparing food with ease without having to leave a chunky chopping board on show all of the time is to integrate the feature into your worktop. Underneath the worksurface of either your kitchen unit or island, simply incorporate a small, shallow pull-out drawer which will feature your chopping board. In this instance, it is recommended to fit a drawer closing system as this will prevent the chopping board from sliding shut while it is in use.

For an extra feature and to maximise convenience, consider placing your pull-out chopping board above a cupboard that stores your food waste bins. In doing this, you can then cut a small circle out of the corner of your board, which will allow you to brush any scraps of food straight into the bin below.

Transparent Jars & Boxes

Although most of our suggestions have been those that cleverly incorporate into your kitchen design, some of the simplest solutions can prove just as effective. If you find it tricky to stay on track of your food supplies and often end up picking up ingredients that are already tucked inside a cupboard, then you would hugely benefit from reorganising your kitchen with transparent jars and boxes.

Transparent storage solutions allow you to keep track of your supplies, making it super easy to double-check what you may be running out of before you leave for the supermarket. You’ll also be able to find the items that you are looking for in a matter of seconds without having to rummage through. These can be used in cupboards, the fridge and freezer; however, depending on the area that you choose to reorganise, you may need to use a different material container. For those storing ingredients in the freezer, we would recommend opting for a plastic storage container as those made using glass may expand and crack when sat in cold temperatures for too long. For any other areas of the kitchen, on the other hand, you are free to choose any box and jar material you wish. Take a look at IKEA for tones of different storage container options.

Jars of Food

Maximised Hanging Space

We thought that we would end our guide to smart storage solutions with an idea that anyone can incorporate into their kitchen, regardless of size or design – hanging space. There is an abundance of different ways that you can maximise the hanging space in your kitchen, helping you to keep items organised while ensuring that they are still easy to reach for when they are needed. These include the following:

  • Sides Of Cabinets – The sides of your kitchen cabinets are often hidden away in corners or are not the first thing that you notice when walking into the room, so use this to your advantage. Fit rails to the surface which can be used to hang pots, pans or utensils.
  • Above The Sink – Hanging your drying rack on a rail above the sink is ideal for not only saving space but also helping dishes to dry quicker. You could also consider hanging a storage box that will have your washing up liquid, cleaning brushes and sponges inside.
  • Inside Cupboards – For those who prefer everything to be neatly tucked away out of sight, installing hanging space on the inside of cupboard doors would be ideal. These can be used to organise everything from saucepan lids to chopping boards.

hanging cups

Kitchen Storage At Your Convenience!

Maintaining a neat, tidy and organised kitchen needn’t be a tricky task with our host of super handy storage ideas. Whether you opt for incorporating a solution into your new kitchen installation or alter your existing design, it couldn’t be easier to organise your space while ensuring that every aspect practical.

If you are interested in renovating your kitchen and looking for reputable kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes, then please do not hesitate to contact our team. With many years of experience specialising in modern kitchens in Milton Keynes, they will work with you to ensure that storage is integrated into your design. Your dream kitchen is just a phone call away! You can also visit our kitchen showroom in Milton Keynes to piece together a design and visualise our kitchen ranges.